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Sunday, March 27, 2011

heart word.kata hati.

sometimes there are something we can't say,blog is my place for me to shout.scream.blow out what is inside me.even its just a simple word.wishing that people who related to me would understand how the thing is actually,hey you.i miss you.and yet,it is reallllyyy hard for me to tell and talk nice-nice to you.i'm sorry.need extra time sweet words,then how can i melt?i really need your sweeeet words.because everyday i become tougher.yeah.rase macam ahli gusti.

to my next you.i miss you damn much.sangat rindu zaman if i can turn back to the past.omg.we are older now.and having own life.own opinion.own more hingus-hingus.*macamla selame ni ade hingus.HAHA.wishing our friendship will last forever.

to my next-next you.everyday i love you more lah.yeah,maybe because we always been together nowadays.ignored what others said.and remember not to skip prays babes.lets try to change for the better.(^,^)vv

to my next trio you,can't wait to be together again next sem!this sem is a bit awful.yeah,a bit.but not that bad.we can learn how to berdikari without the power of 5.haha

i love you all babes.

no family in this entry does't mean i didn't LOVE my family na!

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