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Monday, February 7, 2011

this is for u.

this entry is for you.
about you.about me.about us.
adeh.saket pike.

hey,i try to be friend with your friends.
just to say hi,trying to be friendly.
i am trying sincerely.
but seems to be something now. fault.

im jealoussss.
kalau gefren kawan aku jeles aku kawan ngan kawan aku.
aku akan cakap yaks,apasal die macam 2?

i dont know what she said.what she think about me.
gedik mengada-ngada.*probably
thats what im gonna say.
im a negative thinker.

hey,u know what the problem is.
dont seret2 others.
it not about jealousy.
its a bit about that.
but not the whole situation is caused by that reason.
i know u know that.

i feel terrible now.
rase gedik gile.
macam semue kawan-kawan u anggap i yakkss.
wishing thats only my thoughts.

and then other u.
im sorry.
u are not the reason la.
sorry for involving you.
i dont mind at all.
*well,just like what i pm u before.

hey,i want to be friends. not that gedik.

p/s : currently in high mood.jangan hirau tahap kejiwangan ini.


Hunnayh said...

cemburu itu syg.
sikit2 rase insecure tu xpe :D
normal :D

me ~ mush said...

ye eh?yes!im a normal person.ngehngeh.trimas cik honey. :)