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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

put it on the place

nothings going right
everything is not right
what's going on to the people?
what's going on with you?
what's going on with she?
what's going on with me?
everything is just not good
in other word,everything is in a very bad situation
need to be cured as soon as possible
before it become worse
today,we are friend
in front,we are a very good friend
but tomorrow?
at the back?
is the friendship is really a pure thing?
then,what happens?
everyone is hiding
behind their good appearance
yes,including me,you,she,them
please,we need to be hurry
lets put the value of the friendship
to the place
just put it on the place


IFA Athirah said...

ni lagu ke?karya sendiri?hehe.kalo lagu, sape nyanyi?

bonbonboncet said...

haha.lagu plak.ade gaye macam lagu ke?:D karya sndre lah.cume menules ape yang blaku kat sekeliling je.huhu