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Thursday, January 20, 2011

i have...

they are everything to me .

i have a mother.
her name is Mar-Radziah binti Awang.
i was longing her right now.
i love her so damn much.

but she seldom message,calling me nowadays.
she was too busy managing him.
ah,she's just too nice to him.
may all your kindness awarded accordingly mum.

i have a father.
his name is Mohamed Yusoff bin Mat.
he's a good father.
it's just me the un-good daughter.hehe
now he's trying to be a good son for his dad.
good-luck father.
you're the best. :)

i have brothers and sister.
they are Muhammad Muzhafar.Maisarah.Mohamed Mukmin Ezfar.
they are such a great siblings.ouh,almost forgot.
i also have sister in law
Nooraini Naim.
can't wait to have nephew. :)

i have boyfriend.
well,nak jugak pomot kan. xD
Mohamad Taufik Mohamad Saad.
he's studying in umk.KELANTAN.
far away from me.
don't be notty pakcik.
can't wait to see u. <3

i have bff.
Nurul Aisyah Isnon Zuhairi.Nadira Azuar.
she's in KL,she's in Sarawak.
damn far away.
wish our friendship remain forever darl. 

i have besties.
i know them since im here.
Nik Noor Azihan Nik Ruslan.Fatin Atiqah Hassan.Nurhafiza Zainon.Nurfatin Fatihan Abd.Mubin.
many much conflicts comes nowadays.
just hoping we are still besties up till graduation and so on.
keep in touch whenever we are soon. :)

i have dear clan.
 Maryam Sofia Saipuddin.Nur Umira Rashid.
they are my friends from the beginning until now.
even we are far apart.
the bond between us still strong.
love you.

the point of making this post is just to mention that.
i miss all of you a looootttt!
can't we just meet and gather?
i do miss them!

 the usop's family. :)

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